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11 Plants That You Can Always Regrow From Kitchen Scraps

Do you eat enough fruit and veggies? No? Now is the real time to change your eating habits. Organic produce is hard to find, and many people have tried planting their own. There’s nothing better than picking your own pesticide-free tomatoes.

Spending some time in the garden is great for your body. It’s like getting a regular workout. Let’s not forget its stress-neutralizing effect.

The best part comes when you realize that most of the produce grows well when planted in pots. This is great for those who live in an apartment. Here’s some more of the good news. You can grow food from scraps.

Here are a few nice suggestions:

  1. Garlic

Plant a garlic clove with its root down and keep the pot in a sunny spot. Garlic likes direct sunlight to grow well.

  1. Carrot greens

Cut off about two inches of the end of the carrot. Put it in a shallow dish full of water (1 inch). Carrots like sunny spots.

You should notice the first leaves in two weeks. You will have a bushy top in a month, and the veggie will also develop new roots.

  1. Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes sprout when soaked in water. Replant potatoes for long crops.

  1. Potatoes

Use potato parts with an eye and let them dry overnight. Plant the pieces in soil, and make sure the eyes are turned upwards.

  1. Celery

Do the same as you did with carrots. Celery sprouts in a week, and you should consider transplanting the stalks in pots.

  1. Beets

Soak beet tops in water for a few days. Plant them after the sprouting process.

  1. Scallion

Cut off the roots of the veggie, and put them in jars with shallow water.

  1. Basil

You need 10-m stems and a glass of water. Transplant the stalks in pots once they develop roots.

  1. Onion

Place the top in shallow water and transplant it once you notice the roots.

  1. Rosemary

You need 6-8 inch cuttings. Remove the leaves from the lower portion and soak them in water. They like warm spots.

  1. Lettuce

Regrow lettuces that grow in heads. You can regrow romaine, iceberg and other similar types. Place the leaves in shallow water and let them grow in a sunny spot. Wash the leaves every day.

You can also regrow leeks, bulb fennel, turnips, parsnips and other root crops. Leafy greens are easy to regrow!

Follow the same instructions, and enjoy the products from your home garden. Gardening is such a fun activity!