25 People Shared Amazing Hotel Hacks To Improve Your Stay When You Travel

Do you travel a lot? If yes, you spend too much time in hotels and motels. Well, we believe you need a piece of advice to “survive” your stay. We usually check reviews, and and this comes really handy when you have to stay somewhere new.

Some people decided to do a good thing and helped those who really need an advice.

There are hacks on how to solve the lighting problem in the morning.

Rick Klau, a Twitter user, re-shared a post, explaining that he first saw it on Twitter. The comments section was full of other hacks, and a great number of people shared their favorite hack.

Tesla and Space X founder Elon Musk took notice of this, and he was really impressed. It turns out that a lot of women use hair clips to keep the curtains together and stop the sun from peaking insider their rooms in the morning.

You can also adjust the air in your hotel room using a wet towel. Soak a towel with water and hang it in front of the vent/heater. This is the best way to keep the humidity at an optimal level.

Here are the best hacks you can use: