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6-Year-Old Boy With Six-Pack Has Earned Him Millions Of Instagram Fans

Arat Hosseini is here to teach you everything you should know about muscles. The Iranian boy has been working on his physique since a very little boy.

Hosseini has a spectacular set of abs. He has the most incredible football and gymnastics skills. Yes, he is on Instagram, too.

The cute boy has 4.1 million followers, and he earned his spot at Liverpool FC Academy. Arat is probably one of the youngest celebrities you have ever seen.

His fans are impressed with his abs and biceps. His dad, Mohammad, shares his workout videos, and the world loves this kid.

“After realizing my son’s talents, at the suggestion of those around me, I opened a page on Instagram, which was extraordinarily welcomed not only in Iran but also abroad,” Mohammad said.

The world first noticed Arat after watching a video of him scaling walls at home. He was a small boy then. Many like to call him the World’s Strongest Kid.

Arat was born in Iran, but his family moved to England in 2019. They live in Liverpool and he works out at the Liverpool FC’s Academy.

“Arat wants to be the best player in the world,” Mohammad adds. “At the same time, we’ll provide him with the best education and training and will take concrete steps in that direction.”

In one of his videos, we can see Arat wearing a Real Madrid shirt and dribbling a football. He is a real pro!

Arat first tried gymnastics when he was just 9 months. He was working with his dad. When he was just 1, he was working out for 20 minutes each day. This helped him build his incredible physique.

“When Arat was a little boy he was constantly moving and was always active,” Mohammad said.

“He started doing gymnastics even before I brought him to a small club. He was very enthusiastic. He was five at that time and I encouraged him and sought better opportunities for him.

He’s been always passionate about sports. I talk to Arat about the positive responses we get to his videos, and I use that to motivate him to achieve his goals.

However, at the same time, it’s very important to protect children from the downsides of social media. After all, he’s still a child who is growing up and learning as education is very important for us.”

Lionel Messi and Ronaldo took notice of Arat’s skills. The boy dreams of becoming an Olympic champion and even playing with Barcelona FC. Arsenal, Manchester United and Barcelona noticed him, too.

We believe Arat will have a bright future in the basketball world.