Adorable Tiny House Comes With A Greenhouse And Porch

Can you imagine traveling in the comfort of your great home? Well, you can do that if you have one of these. Someone designed the perfect “travel” house, and it has a porch swing and colorful garden too.

Olive Nest Tiny Homes are here to turn your dreams into reality.

These small houses are ideal for those who love to grow flowers, herbs and even fruits and veggies. Living in asmall house has become a trend in the last few years. They are comfortable, affordable and have a low carbon footprint.

In 2017, Olive Nest Tiny Homes launched The Elsa. The small house has a second, 85-square-foot trailer equipped with a small greenhouse and a porch. The trailer is attacked to the 323-square-feet house.

It’s interesting to note that the interior of The Elsa is nothing like its wooden cover.

Once you enter the house, you reach the lounge area. It has high ceilings and white walls. The full-size couch and chair add the perfect touch to the area.

The kitchen is even more brilliant. It has a skinny bar table, white cabinets, stainless steel kitchen appliances, gas oven and fridge. Full-size, of course!

You can move the dining countertop and make more room for your guests. Take the stairs to reach the other rooms. You can use the stairs to store items.

The small greenhouse is ideal for growing your own fruits and veggies. Use the planters to grow your favorite flowers.

If you love warm summer nights, get a porch swing and relax on the deck area.

This incredible house was featured on a TV episode of Tiny House Big Living. You can get it for $81,000. The Elsa was first located at the Lakewalk Tiny Home Community in South Carolina, but its future owner could move it anywhere after the purchase.