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Artist Transforms Driftwood Into Fantastical Sculptures That Look Like Spirits of Nature

Art is the best medicine for the soul. It heals your wounds and also gives you joy and happiness. Debra Bernier found the perfect way to combine art and nature.

The Canadian artist makes great sculptures, and many would agree that her pieces look like the spirits of nature.

“When I work with driftwood, I never start with a blank canvas,” Bernier explained. “Each piece of driftwood is already a sculpture, created by the caresses of the waves and wind. The wood tells a story and I try to think of its journey as I hold it in my hand. I extend or shorten the curves and contours that already exist into familiar shapes of animals or peoples’ faces.”

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According to Bernier, the feminine sculptures are a symbol of motherhood and fertility.

“The finished pieces are a reflection of not only my life, my family, and children, but of an eternal, sacred connection we all share with nature,” the artist added.

Bernier combines wood, shells, stones, clay and other gifts of nature. She has been a nature enthusiast since early age.

“The little girl in me is still fascinated by the shapes in wood, the sun sparkling on the water, smooth, grey stones, and salty seaweed,” the artist explained. “Each piece of driftwood is a work of art already, created through the hands of Mother Nature.The earth, the ocean, even the moon and its effects on the tides, play a part in the unique shaping of driftwood.”