Badass Hidden Mandalas Is The Hottest New Hair Trend

How do wear your hair? What’s your favorite hair color? Go online and find what works best for your hair type and face features. Would you wear a mandala in your hair?

To get one, you have to shave your hair off and use some color. It was the best from the 90’s!

The hidden hair tattoo is a trend these days. Would you have a #hairtattoo? There are so many designs! Here are the best of them.

1.The Mandala Undercut

It’s probably the most popular undercut these days!

2.The Two Tone Undercut

Pick two colors for a real badass hair.

3.The Lotus Undercut

This is a must for hot summer days.

4.The Multicolored Undercut

We love hair tattoos!

5.The Asymmetric Undercut

Go a little crazy!

6.The Flower Undercut

You can wear your favorite flower on your head.

7.The Zig Zag Undercut

This is even crazier.

8.The Triangle Undercut

We love triangles!

9.The Chevron Undercut

Combine your traditional side undercut in this one.

10.The Diamond Undercut

Diamonds are girls’ best friends. Pure minimalism.

11.The Linear Undercut

Crazy for geometric designs?

12.The Arrows Undercut

It’s time to dye the locks.

13.The Pyramid Lotus undercut

It works well for every cut.

14.The Heart Undercut

Are you in love?

15.The Geometric Undercut

Love this one!

16.The Pink Undercut

Wow! Just Wow! You have to wear your hair short though.