Dragonflies Eliminate Mosquitoes – This Is How To Attract Them To Your Yard

There’s nothing better than “waste” long summer days in the backyard or on the porch. Well, this little heaven on earth can easily turn into a hell.

Yes, mosquitoes won’t let you munch on your favorite foods or nap. Barbecue? Not in this world. You can’t enjoy your barbecue day if mosquitoes buzz everywhere around you.

The pesky creatures are the only thing we hate about summer, and the only solution we have is mosquito repellents. Packed with chemicals, of course.

Well, nature has a solution for you, and it’s cost-free!

Mosquitoes like you and dragonflies like mosquitoes. It’s time to attract dragonflies in your backyard. They will eat pretty much every pesky mosquito in your yard.

Dragonflies won’t hurt you, but they will definitely wipe mosquitoes away from your yard. Do you know that an average dragonfly eats around 100 mosquitoes every day? These beauties prey on butterflies, beetles, wasps, moths and other insects.

How to attract dragonflies? Plant shrubs and flowers. Blooming trees are also a cool idea. Young dragonflies need a safe spotto hide. They also like water, so make sure you provide a pond or something so they can lay their eggs and eat.

Ponds are easy to make and you don’t even need a filter. Make sure it’s located ina wind-protected spot in your backyard. It also needs about 5-6 hours of midday sun.

Black Eye Susan, Dwarf Saggitaria, Meadow Sage, Arrowhead, cattail, water lily and Yarrow White Wildflower will attract dragonflies. Plant these near your pond.

Swamp Milkweed is one of the many milkweeds out there. They are a cool option for those who need more dragonflies in their backyard. It likes moist soil and also thrives well in average soils. Joe-Pye Weed is hardy and easy to grow.

It likes sun but prefers partial shade. Black-Eyed Susan has daisy-like blooms. Combine it with Russian Sage to make your garden pretty. Dragonflies will be more than grateful.

There you go. This is pretty much everything you need to do to attract dragonflies and eradicate mosquitoes once and for all.

Summers are cool and they are about to become cooler. Say ‘goodbye’ to pesky mosquitoes. Enjoy your summer and make sure you drink plenty of fresh water.