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Father-Son Duo Kills Hibernating Mother Bear And Two Cubs, Proudly Pose For Pictures

Some people find pleasure in killing innocent animals. Yes, hunters do that for fun. They hunt down poor animals and even pose with their trophies. Karma sometimes finds its way back, and this father-son duo learned it hard way.

The father and son killed a family of black bears two years ago on April 14. The tragedy took place on Esther Island in Prince Williams Sound in the Gulf of Alaska.

To make things even worse, the killings were recorded. The animals aren’t listed as endangered species, but Alaska wildlife officials tracked the hunters down and the rest is history.

Andrew Renner, 41, will spend three months in jail for killing a mama bear and her two cubs. His son Owen, 18, has a 30-day suspension for taking part in the killings.

Andrew and Owen planned the hunting trip for quite some time. They thought that no one would be there to see them kill the animals. They traveled by boat and skied into the den.

Owen shot the mother in front of her babies. She was wearing a tracking collar. Andrew killed the babies a few minutes later.

Well, there was a research camera outside the den, and it caught every bit of the horror. The US Forest Service and Alaska Department of Fish and Game had set it up for a study focused on the decline in the population of bears and the human factor.

There are several 30-second videos. Owen first shouldered the rifle and killed the bear with two shots. The mama was sleeping.

“It doesn’t matter, bear down,” Andrew said. The cubs “began” shrieking in the den,” and Andre shot them from a close range.

He and Owen packed their bags with bear meat and left. But, they did something else before leaving the den.

“They’ll never be able to link it to us,” Owen said while trading high-fives with his dad.

What did he do next? He was posing with the trophy.

“You and me don’t f**k around, we pretty much, we go where we want to kill s**t.”

Two days later, Andrew and Owen returned to collect the cubs using transparent covers.

On April 30, Andrew brought the bear to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game in Palmer, saying that he had killed it. he didn’t mention his son and “forgot” to say that the bear was killed illegally. Poaching was illegal at that point.

The videos are here to tell the truth, and Andrew and his son pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor charges. This includes, “unlawfully killing a bear, unlawfully killing of the cubs, and transporting the dead bears away from the site to cover up their tracks.”

Andrew got eight counts and he was guilty of falsifying the sealing certificates. Owen was 17, so his dad was also charged with “one count of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.”

“My office believes and argued for active jail time in this case because of the egregious nature of it, and the necessity of letting the public know Alaska will not tolerate poaching,” Assistant attorney general Aaron Peterson said.

“What we saw is that there were two bear cubs that were completely defenseless and were shot at point-blank range.”

Andrew was fined $9000 and he lost his 22-foot Sea Sport ocean boat and trailer, a 2012 GMC Sierra pickup, 2 rifles, two handguns, two iPhones, and two sets of backcountry skis. Andrew and Owen used this during their hunting trip.

The best part? Andrew won’t be able to go hunting in the next decade.

Owen was convicted on four counts. He has a sentence of 30 days of suspended jail time. Today, he has to take a hunter safety course and do community service.

He won’t be able to hunt in the next two years. Owen and his dad will have to pay $1800 in restitution.