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Frozen Blue Lemonade Vodka Slushies Are So Strong, They’ll Knock Out Your Whole Crew

How about a glass of champagne? Wait, we have something better. Add some champagne to your perfect frozen slushies!

But, first, let’s go through some fun facts about champagne.

Champagne is a type of wine, and it got its name after a region in France. Marilyn Monroe’s famous champagne bath used 350 bottles of this drink. In the 19th century, English men used champagne to polish their shoes.

A 750 ml bottle of Champagne has 49 million bubbles and three times more gas than beer. Champagne is served between 8°Celcius to 9°C.

Here’s what you need:

  • 1 c. vodka
  • 1 c. champagne
  • ½ c. Blue Curacao
  • ½ c. lemonade
  • 3 c. ice
  • Lemon wedges
  • White sanding sugar

Let’s make these!

Add the liquids to your cocktail shaker. Next, “wet” the rim of your glasses using lemon wedges. Press the rim into the sanding sugar, and pour in your drink.

Need a fancy detail? Use LED lights in the bottom of the glass to make your Frosties look pretty. There’s nothing better than a cool Frostie. Look for these lights on Amazon.