Guy Reveals How He Helped Out A Woman Who Was Being Followed By Three Strangers

How did the whole world go wrong? Humanity has taken the wrong direction, and kind people are nowhere to be seen. We live in a world full of injustice and viciousness.

When was the last time you met someone kind? People are selfish egoists. They only think of themselves.

Well, this Twitter user is about to restore your faith in humanity. The man was on his way to catch a train and suddenly, an unknown woman hugged him really tight.

This woman was a complete stranger, and she told him to act as if they are friends or something. She was petrified and her fear was real.

‘I’m walking to the train a few minutes ago and a woman walked right up to me and gave me a tight hug and whispered quickly, ‘Please act like you know me three guys are following me for a while.’”

The man hesitated at first, but her fear was so realistic that he played the role until she arrived home.

He knew that she was really desperate. You can’t fake that fear. The poor woman was desperately looking for help. Her hero was the only person who could help her.

The hero took to Twitter to share his story and caught the attention of a million of people. One woman wrote, ”Thank you from all the women who’ve had this experience and for the men who helped. This is a more common experience than many know.”

Yes, this man realized that women face so many problems these days. Being a woman is not easy. You are never safe. Creeps are everywhere around us.

What would have happened had this man taken a different route? He found himself in the right place and the right time. The lady was looking for help and there was no one around. This angel helped her.

Many users shared their stories. We need more people like this man. We need everyone to understand that women face so many problems.