Holographic Hair Is The The Hottest (And Most Magical) Hair Trend Of 2020

It’s time to put some rainbow in your hair! This is actually the greatest trend these days. Go to Instagram and you will see thousands of models wearing holographic hues.

This is the most beautiful artwork you will see today. A lot of ladies would “kill” for the opalescent and color-shifting effect. To get this look, you should use multidimensional metallic or pastel hues.

Redken colorist ChialaMarvici had an interview with Modern Salon, and used the chance to talk about her masterpiece. Have you ever heard of hand-pressed coloring? That’s her specialty, and the method is pretty similar to screen printing.

First, Marvici applies her colors of choice to a sheet of Plexiglas, and then presses sections of hair against it. The talented colorist repeats the process several times. Pink, blue and lavender are her favorite colors. These three actually make the base of the great shade.

Marvici reapplies the patents on the same section to “boost” the color. You may find this complicated, but it’s definitely faster and more effective than your balayage. Feel free to experiment with your hair. Enjoy the magic.

“Everything has to evolve at some point and Hand-Pressed Color is a new approach to color application,”Marvici said. “The application time is less than traditional color applications like foils and Balayage, so it saves time in the salon for both the colorist and the client.”

Marvici is ready to share her knowledge with other colorists. Just a small group of people can actually do this at the moment. Would you bleach your hair? That’s the only risk you should take. This style works on blond and gray hair.

“I feel people are thirsty for something new and this trend gets the ball rolling. I have already thought of new ways to evolve this trend and will work on that very soon. The results of Hand-Pressed Color give a multi-dimensional holographic effect that is beautifully blended.”