How A 70 Year Old Woman Who Went Sugar Free 28 Years Ago Looks Like Today

Carolyn Hartz celebrated her 70th birthday looking like a young woman. Believe it or not, Carolyn doesn’t consume any processed sugar. It’s interesting to note that she was addicted to cookies and everything sweet for 40 years. Giving up on sugar was the best decision she has ever made.

Today, Carolyn looks a lot younger than her age, and she rocks her favorite bikini with a huge self-confidence. And yes, we are jealous of her healthy skin complexion.

So what makes Carolyn look this great? According to her, we have to make a change and improve our lifestyle choices.

Carolyn attracted the attention of people across the globe, and had an interview with Daily Mail Australia. She talked about her eating habits and the change that changed her life completely.

This gorgeous woman says that women aged 50 or more don’t really think they can get in good shape. She added that it’s quite a challenge, but a great one.

Maintaining a great figure is possible, and you have to work on it. Your metabolism slows down as you age, and you have to pay more attention to the signals your body sends to you. Work harder if you have to, but never give up.

We have to focus on the food we eat and the size of our portions. We have to learn how to be mindful. Mindless eating will make you fat. Learn how to enjoy your food, and you will be surprised of its positive impact. You will never ever overeat.

Focusing on you attitude and diet is a must. You have to stick to a positive thinking and cut down sugar. Simple as that.

Carolyn is an optimist even at hard times. She had to stay positive and even trained herself to remember that the glass is always half full. It may seem funny to you, but it worked for Carolyn.

She even joked that weather presenters should say the weather is partially sunny, not partially cloudy. Everything will be better if you see the good side of the world.

Carolyn has been sugar-free for almost three decades. It was one of the toughest challenges she had ever taken, because she was a sugar addict.

However, cutting sugar helped her stay in shape and maintain her health at optimal level. The 70-year-old eats a lot of protein with every meal, including breakfast. This is her secret weapon against cravings.

Picking the right “portion size” is important. You don’t have to give up on the food you love to eat. What made Carolyn bring this decision?

She was diagnosed with pre-Type 2 diabetes, and she had to do something about her sugar addiction.

The symptoms were terrible, and she had to face her fear and change everything that was “killing her.” We are usually afraid of changes, but changes can actually save our lives.

Carolyn replaced her sugar with protein-packed foods to control her cravings. She had five small meals every day, and even cooked her food with Xylitol. In her recipe book, Sweetlife, Carolyn reveals some excellent recipes for everyone.

Sleeping for 8 hours every night is also important. Getting your beauty sleep is more important than anything in the world. Sleep for 8 hours every night to help your body heal and rejuvenate.

Meditation and gratitude are also important. If you ask Carolyn about her favorite skin care regimen, she will say that she’s been doing the same beauty routine since she was 17. You can’t go to bed with your makeup on and using a moisturizer is a “must.”

Apply generous amount around your eyes and neck, and don’t forget your sunscreen. Carolyn doesn’t tan, and avoids the damaging effects of sun, because she had to undergo a surgery to get the cancer from her nose removed.

She was 30 at the time.

What’s the best advice you should follow? Never ever compare yourself to others. Pay more attention to the things you like about other people and ask yourself: is it good for you?

Find inspiration in others, but remember, we are all individuals and we all have our own traits. That’s what makes us special. There’s nothing wrong with being happy about your friend’s success, and you should never be jealous about that.

Being resentful is also a bad idea. Wasted emotions will make you feel bad and sick. Be happy for others and don’t pay attention to your age.

According to Carolyn, women in their 20s and 30s should enjoy their life more and ignore naysayers. Being your own person matters, and building healthy attitude is important.

Life doesn’t have to be perfect, and we have to enjoy every second of it.

Carolyn had to deal with two terrible diagnoses in her life, and that was the most important lesson she had ever learn. Diabetes and cancer are major causes of death, and Carolyn knew that.

It helped her become a better and healthier person, and her life was no longer in danger. Cancer can easily turn into a nightmare, and Carolyn was a fighter.

She got rid of her cancer, and relieved her symptoms by sticking to a healthy routine.

This gorgeous woman is a true inspiration for every person in the world. Being diagnosed with cancer and pre-type 2 diabetes isn’t a joke, and Carolyn change her life completely. Sugar isn’t your friend, so try to stay away from it.