Keep The Jasmine Plant in Your Room Because It Reduces Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Depression

Some plants release oxygen and cleanse air. Others fix your mood and treat anxiety and depression. No more panic attacks.

According to researchers, oxygen levels and stress share a direct link, and toxins make you anxious and stressed. Improve your mood naturally, and learn how to handle your stress naturally.

Jasmine can help you with this one.

The aroma of jasmine plant and jasmine essential oil calmed mice in lab studies, and the animals even stopped doing their activities.

Brain scans confirm that jasmine improves the effect of GABA on nerve cells, which helps in relieving anxiety and helps you rest.

Professor Hanns Hatt of the Ruhr University in Bochum, Germany, explains that these findings can be of great help in aromatherapies. The results were published online in the Journal of Biological Chemistry.

The professor notes that the new class of GAVA receptor modulator can be administered parentally and through air. It may find application in sedation, anxiety, excitement and aggression-relieving treatment. It also improves sleep.

Jasmine is more efficient than sleeping medication and sedatives. It increases the GABA effect by five times.

A group of researchers at the Wheeling Jesuit University found that jasmine leads to better sleep efficiency and reduced sleep movement. The research was led by Dr. Bryan Raudenbush, assistant professor of psychology.

When inhaled through air, jasmine scent lowers anxiety levels and improves the results of cognitive tests. The scent also improves alertness levels which helps students focus on their projects throughout work days.

Jasmine essential oil promotes sleep, makes you happy, balances hormones and treats anxiety and fatigue.

Use it to improve your concentration, soothe spasms, and treat mild depression:

  •  Treats anxiety and nervous tension
  •  Improves mood
  •  Improves cognitive performance and alertness
  •  Promotes good sleep
  •  Regulates the production of hormones
  •  Helps you handle hot flashes and mood swings
  •  Increases libido

Do you need more reasons to keep jasmine plants in your bedroom?

Combine your “plant” therapy with other natural remedies. Drink herbal teas, do yoga, eat well, and train your brain. Pay more attention to the food you eat, and drink a lot of water. Anxiety isn’t something you should ignore, so make sure your home is full of anxiety-fighting plants.