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Millionaire Doctor Dying Of Cancer Warns That Money And Material Possessions Bring ‘No Joy’ At The End Of The Journey

Do you know the story of Dr. Richard TeoKeng Siang? He learned the best lesson in life after receiving a terrible diagnosis.

In his 30, the doctor had everything a young man can ask for. Millions of dollars on his bank account, great aesthetics practice and luxurious sports cars. Evrything revolved around money, and all he wanted to do is win.

He held a speech, and it became viral.

“I am a typical product of today’s society. Since I was young, I have always been under the influence and impression that being happy is equal to being successful. And to be successful is to be wealthy.

So I led my life according to this motto.You know the irony is people do not make heroes out of average General Practitioners or family physicians. They make heroes out of people who are rich and famous.”

Dr. Teo wanted to earn mor money, and opted for a career in aesthetics. It was a great decision that brought him millions in the first year. Life was good. He bought the cars he wanted, and dined in fancy restaurants.

His social life went up, and Teo was friends with celebrities. The young doctor has a Nissan GTR, Subaru WRX, Honda S2000 and Ferrari 430.

It was like a dream come true. Hanging out with important people, and spending time with Eduardo Saverin and Rachel Kum.

Unfortunately, the successful doctor was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. His family will remember 11th March 2011 as the worst day in their life. Teo was given only 6 months to live. Some said he had 3 or 4.

The terrible diagnosis changed everything. Teo became depressed, and realized that his millions couldn’t give him life. Money means nothing when you are diagnosed with a terminal lung cancer.

Фотографија на In memory of Dr Richard Teo who finished his race.

“See, the irony is all these things I have, the success, the trophies, my cars, my house and all. I thought all that brought me happiness. But having all these thoughts of my possessions, they brought me no joy.”

Teo regretted his life choices. He was focused on profits, and forgot about God. His body was weak, and all he cared for was his wallet. Well, money can’t bring you happiness, and Teo realized that when it was too late.

The depressed doctor spent his last days with his friends and family. They all cared about him, and helped him finish the race.

Regardless of whether you admit it or not, true love comes from interaction. But, it was too late for Teo. He realized that it’s really important to have someone to talk to. Someone who will listen to you without saying a word.

According to Teo, on has to build a relationship with God. Teo learned it through the hard way.

The videos of his speech went viral after his death. Teo died at 40.

In his speech, Teo says there’s nothing wrong with being wealthy. He also said that wealth is something some people can’t handle. You may worship money, but that doesn’t mean a thing if you can’t handle it.

Teo believed that wealth without God is empty. You can earn a lot, but that’s nothing in comparison to the wealth of God.