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Mother Cow Chases After Her Stolen Calves In Heartbreaking Video

Life is too short to take anything for granted. We stress over anything and we keep questioning pretty much everything that happens in our life.

A simple change can help us live a better life. Do you know that 75% of all Americans believe they eat cruelty-free meat, eggs and dairy? That’s what PetPedia revealed.

A video shared by SAFE shows a different side of the story. It’s a New Zealand-based animal rights group.

In the video, we can see a mother cow running after her calves. The babies were taken away from her, and she was chasing after them.

A concerned citizen sent the video to the animal rights group.

SAFE reported that up to 2 million calves in New Zealand are destroyed as a “wastage.”

“Cows are wonderfully curious and sensitive beings who would naturally live in small herds, form close friendships with others, and develop a social hierarchy. Relationships are important to cows, and each one can recognize more than 100 members of their herd. Cows also form strong bonds with humans and can be as affectionate as dogs. Sadly, these sweet, peaceful beings are exploited in many ways.”

Sadly, cows are impregnated to make milk, and their babies are taken away from them. It’s a tragic separation for both the mother and the baby.

“If their babies aren’t slaughtered immediately, the females are doomed to lead the same lives as their mothers, while the males are sold into the veal industry—where they’ll spend the rest of their short, miserable lives chained up and malnourished,” PETA explains.

“Without human intervention, calves suckle from their mothers for nearly a year. One veterinary study revealed that “during natural weaning, there is never complete and abrupt abandonment of the calf by the cow. In fact, the … cow and calf will maintain a lifelong relationship of social contact and companionship.”

Cows live up to 20 years. However, farmers torture them and the constant cycle of breeding shortens their life.

A dairy cow is impregnated a few months after her calf is born. These cows are killed after a few years, because their bodies are too weak due to the breeding cycle.

Vets explain that calves live a better life when raised next to their mothers. They grow and eat well.

A baby should never be separated from its mother.