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Plant A Magical Moon Garden With Flowers That Bloom At Night

Summer is finally here, and now is the perfect time to make your garden pretty. Find the best plants for your garden, and maybe you should consider getting plants that bloom at night.

A night garden? Why not? Maybe you should call it “a moon garden.”

You can use early bloomers for moon gardens, such as Snowdrops, Daffodils, White Tulips, Creeping phlox, Bleeding heart, Fothergilla, Azaleas and rhododendrons, Magnolia trees, and Bradford pear trees. Mid-season bloomers are also attractive.

You can plant Yarrow, Queen Anne’s lace, Sweet Alyssum, Snow in summer, Candytuft, Shasta daisy, Foxglove, Mountain laurel shrubs, Climbing Hydrangea, Japanese dogwood trees, Doublefile Viburnum, Dwarf Deutzia, and Pearlbush.

Late Bloomers for Moon Garden are also cool. You can get Mums, False dragonhead, Garden Phlox, Sweet autumn clematis, and Montauk daisy.

Here are some suggestions for your moon garden:

  1. Night gladiolus

You will love the bright yellow flowers and their specific fragrance. These flowers grow 4 feet and look really pretty.

  1. Night Blooming Jasmine

Oh, their smell is unique, and you will want to get more of these. That’s a sure bet.

  1. Evening primrose

Evening primrose blooms at dusk, and you can keep them on the patio. These plants spread quickly, and they will cover a big chunk of the garden.

  1. Datura

Datura is also known as “Devil’s Trumpet.” Its trumpet-shaped flowers have an enchanting aroma. Make sure you get these.

  1. Evening Stock

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Przyłapałem ją na gorącym uczynku. Późnym wieczorem zaczyna otwierać kwiaty, które można przeoczyć, ale nie da się ich nie poczuć. Maciejka! Oblewa się perfumami, których zapach natychmiast przypomina mi upalne lipcowe wieczory. Bez maciejki lato się nie liczy! Kto się zagapił i zapomniał wysiać wiosną maciejkę ten jeszcze może to zrobić; pierwsze kwiaty otworzą się na przywitanie jesieni i będą pachnieć równie słodko, chociaż nieco inaczej – bo w jesiennym powietrzu wszystko inaczej pachnie… . . . #matthiolabicornis #eveningstock #maciejka #kwiatysąpiękne #ogród #bezogrodek #loveplants #kwiatki #momentsofmine #peciousmoments #kwiaty #searchwandercollect #flower_perfection #flowers_shotz #ogródek #flowerseverywhere #flowersmakemehappy #inspiredbypetals #petals_perfection #petalsandprops #bezogródek #ig_discover_petals #ok_myflowers #kings_flora #tv_flowers #searchwandercollect #flower_perfection

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This plant will turn your yard into a magical place, and you will fall in love with their purple and yellow flowers.

  1. Moonflower

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They remind me of big all white Morning Glory's. We have these "Moonflowers" growing on my fence. My next door neighbor's are a really cool older couple that always look out for us. I cut their front yard and ripoff their plans, lol. She knows her stuff in the garden, and these are hers. Super easy to clone also. -H.F. These old fashioned flowers, as the name implies, open in the evening. As evening falls, you can actually watch them open. For added interest, mix them with morning bloomers such as morning glories. Grown as an annual but perennial in mild areas, they're easy to grow and grow best in full sun. Product Details: LifeCycle: Annual  Uses: Trellis or Lattice  Sun: Full Sun  Spread: 8-10 feet Sowing Method: Direct Sow/Indoor Sow  Bloom Duration: 8 weeks #Moonflowers #HFNature #HoboGrowers #communitygardening #nature #Gaia #heart

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The pink and white flowers are open at night and they stay open until the first rays of the sun come out.

They don’t close up on cloudy days and their blooms stay open for longer. They have a distinctive lemony scent.

  1. Mock Orange

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Sweet Mock orange Mock Orange or English Dogwood or false jasmine is a favorite of many gardeners for its sweet-scented blossoms, that’s attract butterflies 🦋 and bees 🐝 That statement is a mockery and counterfeit! Try smelling the blooms at night when the blossoms release their heavenly sweet aroma, which is why this plant makes for a perfect fit in any Moon garden. Mock orange can be be used for magic of temporary illusions and to give impressions from a distance, In terms of flower essences, the mock orange means that you want the feminine qualities of a person to come out. This is both true for men and women. The orange mock flower essences encourage gentleness and nurturing. And can also calm an overly aggressive person. In Greek, syringe means pipe is often referring to the pipe stems of the orange mock. Possible usage 🌿tea🌿magick bath 🌿mojo 🌿cosmetics #mockorangeblossom #mockorangeflowers #witchygarden #hexengarten #hedgewitch #greenwitchcraft #witchyvibes #magick #craft #englishdogwood #witchery #plantmagick #spellwork #healing #aromatherapy #magickgarden #hexenkräuter #wicca #motherearth💚#witchesofinstagram🔮🌙

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It has a sweet scent and gardeners love them. They also reflect the magical light of the moon.

  1. Night Phlox

They have vanilla-scented flowers. Some say they smell like honey. These beauties are a great option for night lovers, and you can emphasize their beauty with some LED candles and solar lanterns.

  1. Dutchman’s Pipe Cactus

The white flowers are open throughout the night and they go to sleep in the morning.