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Plant Once, Pick Forever! 10 Perennial Vegetables You Need To Plant This Summer

When was the last time you planted something? The time you spend in your garden is more valuable than you will ever imagine. Gardening “neutralizes” stress and your backyard will look much prettier. It will help you stay fit and healthy. Work in your garden to boost your brain function and strengthen your heart.

Gardening is one of the greatest outdoor activities. It provides great results in those dealing with depression and mental issues.

Now is the perfect time to grow your own fruits and veggies. We have a few nice suggestions. There’s nothing better than watching your cute little plants grow big.

If you are interested in gardening, you should definitely try perennials. You plant them once, and they give you fruits for many years.

The best perennials for your garden


Male plants are more productive. Asparagus thrives well in cool climate and prefers dry summers. Make sure the soil is light and well-drained. Don’t forget the sun. Asparagus likes sun!

You can grow it from rooted crowns. Get these from garden centers or online. Dig trenches 6 inches deep if you use clay soil. If your soil is sandy, make 10-inch holes.


Artichokes produce for 5 straight years. Provide 4-foot space between the plants as they tend to grow really big. Pick the buds once they reach three inches in diameter.

3.Jerusalem artichokes

This is a highly productive perennial. It thrives in well-drained, alkaline soil. Pick your Jerusalem artichokes after the first frost. They grow big, so plan your planting spot first.


Chives need sun and regular watering. Scatter the seeds and cover them with some soil. Water your plants. Remove the flowers on time.


Kale doesn’t require much effort. Plant it in early spring, preferably a few weeks before the first frost. You can also do it in the fall. Kale grows well in full sunlight, but it likes partial shade better. It grows best in nitrogen-rich soil.


Plant it in fertile soil and provide full sunlight. This perennial is able to adapt to different conditions. Plant your roots in spring and harvest them in the fall.


You will love its lemony, tart flavor. Sorrell likes cool climates and full sunlight. Pick it in spring or fall.


Plant your rhubarb in early spring after the soil has thawed. Provide four-foot free space between your plants and give them enough sun. Rhubarb grows well in fertile and well-drained soil.


These are not veggies, but they grow in a bush. Blueberries are tasty and you definitely need them in your garden. They like full sun. Don’t forget that they fruit prolifically.

Plant your blueberries in early spring and provide 5-foot space between the bushes. Blueberries grow well in containers, too. The berries are ready for harvest in June and they grow strong every year.


It prefers bog environment so make sure you plant it near a stream and a small creek. You can also make a bog in your garden and use a pond liner to retain the water.

Add gardening soil, sand, compost and slow-release fertilizer. Add enough water to moisten the soil and scatter the seeds.