Stray Cat Brings The Woman Who’s Been Feeding Her For A Couple Of Days To Meet Her Babies

Love connects everyone and everything in this world. It teaches us the most valuable lessons, and yes, it’s everywhere around us. Animals can feel and share love, too!

Gratitude the purest form of love, and a lot of experts have talked about it in the past ten years. We have heard therapists, motivational speakers and counselors emphasize the importance of gratitude.

We really need to learn how to express our gratitude. Believe it or not, it can transform our lives completely.

We also know that animals can show gratitude. We are in the middle of a coronavirus pandemic, and we have plenty of time to focus on all the things we need to change and learn. A cat is here to teach you a lesson, and you better learn it!

Cats are our best friends. There’s something impressive about their curiosity and independence. Cats are loyal and have strong personalities.

Earlier this year, Shea Prior spotted a stray cat n her backyard. She fed her and they developed an instant friendship.

Prior noticed that the cat was probably a mommy, because she was producing milk. Her kitties had to be here somewhere.

Shea Prior fed the stray cat she spotted in her yard

A few days later, Prior noticed that the cat had milk

Prior really wanted to meet the cat’s babies. She told her new friend that she believes her babies are beautiful. So, the furry mama led her new friend to her babies.

“I was petting her and went to pick her up and that’s when I realized she had milk in and had been nursing some babies. She came running up to me and rubbed on my leg while making her little croaking noise she does. She led me over to my shed and I looked and saw a couple little fluffballs staring back at me. She flopped over on her side and started calling to them to come out and see me.”

The kitties didn’t want to come out first, but one of them got the courage and popped out. A little gray kitty approached Prior “with his little pointy tail held up high in the air.”

The little fella allowed Prior to pet him. Fifteen minutes later, they all came to meet their mother’s friend. Prior was holding them in her arms, and they really liked her.

Prior found homes for the kitties once they were old enough for an adoption.

“I will be adopting mama cat to live with me and my other two sweet girlies! All the babies have found homes and will be adopted as soon as mama is ok with it. But for now, everyone is doing great. I started a GoFundMe for vet bills to get mama spayed, and get babies checked out.”

Prior doesn’t have a job now, so she can’t really cover all the expenses for the kitties. The caring lady wrote that “anything will help, and if there is anything left after vet bills, the remainder will be donated to my local no-kill animal shelter.”