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This GoPro Camera Got Swallowed By Lava, Survived and Recorded Everything

Thanks to modern technology, we get to reach the most untouchable parts of this planet. Well, it can’t help us get inside a volcano.

This is absolutely wrong. A GoPro can help you get anywhere.

Erik Storm, an environmental exploration guide, left his GoPro on a lava pat. He is part of the Kilauea EcoGuides, a tour group located in the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

The heat and the pressure didn’t stop the camera from recording! Can you believe that?

Storm was trying to take the perfect pic. His GoPro was placed in small crevice. However, the lava sank out of it and covered the camera.

The GoPro was in a protective casing, but nothing in this world can protect a device from a lava madness. That’s what Storm thought.

Believe it or not, the SD card was there. It turns out that the camera was filming throughout the entire time.

“I used a geology rock hammer to pull it out of the lava and thought it was a total loss. Not only had most of the camera survived, but it had managed to record everything and was still working.”

The GoPro company helpdesk explains that when operational temperatures go above 125 F (51.7 C), most GoPros shut off the operational temperatures. This didn’t happen with the GoPro.

It’s interesting to note that the lava didn’t destroy the camera. Storm’s camera didn’t work as good as it used to work. But it was swallowed by lava and survived. You can’t underestimate that.

“The camera even still worked although not as well as it did before,” Storm said. “Truly amazing it survived!”

Storm said this was “an honest accident that produced an amazing story. I am by no means rich. Why would I put a $400 camera in jeopardy intentionally?”