This Is What Traditional Wedding Attires Look Like Around The World

When was the last time you attended a wedding? Was it traditional? What do the bride and her groom wear in your country?

There are so many questions we’d like to ask, but in this article, we’ll just focus on the wedding attires around the world.

Weddings are magical, and traditional weddings are full of bright colors and rituals.

Here are some of the most interesting wedding attires in the world:


2. Indonesia

Couples wear wedding attires with different detailing, depending on their ethnic group. Statistics shows that people of about 300 ethnic groups live on 1700 islands.

3. India

Indian brides have red/pink Lehengas. The red dot on their forehead is called Bindi.

4. Ghana

Bright colors and different patterns. Each family has a different clothing pattern.

5. Nigeria

Fancy elegant weddings? Go to Nigeria. The bride and the groom wear matching outfits and Gele (head wrap).

6. Norway

Bunad is a traditional Norwegian attire.

7. Scotland

Traditional Scottish weddings are brilliant. The groom has a traditional Scottish kilt, and the bride wears a shawl. It has the same pattern as the groom’s kilt. In this way, the bride’s new family approves her.

8. Ethiopia

Christianity is the main religion in Ethiopia, and couples follow Christian rituals.

9. Pakistan

Couples follow the rules of the Islam.

10. Hawaii

Comfy, white outfits and floral tiaras. Brides in Hawaii are awesome!

11. Malaysia

Purple, violet and cream colors. The bride and the groom follow Muslim traditions.

12. South Korea

Traditional weddings are common in South Korea. Tradition suggests that the groom has to carry his lady around the table on his back.

13. Sri Lanka

Elegant outfits and many elegant details.

14. Romania

Each region has a different wedding attire. In some areas, the bride and the groom get married in a traditional ceremony. However, there are also couples who prefer a modern wedding.

15. Japan

Red and white outfits are dominant. The bride and her groom change attires during the ceremony.

16. Philippines

They support traditional wedding ceremonies.

17. Yemen

Yemenite Jewish wear their mothers’ outfits.

18. Peru

Can you imagine seeing a bride wearing a black and red dress?

19. Italy

Green attires are common in Italy. Green is the color of fertility and well-being, or good luck if you prefer it better.

20. Iraq

An Iraqi bride changes seven different wedding gowns. They all have different colors.

21. Kazakhstani Bride

22. Hutsuls Wedding In Ukrainian Carpathians

23. Mongolia

24. Romania (Oas Region)

25. A traditional Swedish wedding. Brides wear crowns in Sweden

26. Hungarian Matyo Bride

27. A traditional bride from Veliky Novgorod, Russia

28. A Hamar bride

29. Bride and groom during a traditional Korean wedding

30. A Turkmen bride