Tiny Smart Home Looks Like A Space Ship And Can Sleep A Family Of 4 — See Inside

Would you trade a super big home for a tiny house? That’s the latest trend these days. A lot of people would rather live in a small house. These cuties are cozy, trendy, modern, and luxurious.

They are the perfect option for those who are fed up with their big houses and huge backyards. Mowing the lawn is your least favorite activity, right?

Well, living in a small home has its own disadvantages, too. You may not be able to fit your entire life inside the small rooms. Gathering your friends and family won’t be possible.

Truth is, we all seek an affordable home. In this way, you won’t collect much clutter and you will also support environmentalists. Let’s not forget that you will also save a lot of money. Big houses cost a lot, too.

A Singapore company, Nestron, has the perfect option for you. They introduced Cube 1, and Cube 2 is even better! It looks like an upgraded RV from the outside. The inside is a little different.

Cube 2 is a 263-square-foot home with a communal living space, a kitchen equipped with a range hood and sink, a bathroom, a bedroom, and of course, a bar counter. How impressive is that?

The tiny house is nine yards long and four yards wide. Experts compared it to a traditional home, and the design increases the usable space by 15%.

“C2 is built to accommodate 3-4 members medium-sized households, designed with an open concept and a bigger living room area for more entertainment and fun-time activities with your loved ones,” the website reads.

“We also designed a special skylight dome for C2, allowing families to share the fun of star-gazing and satisfy children’s curiosity of nature and the universe.”

The house has built-in furniture, and it’s all included in the price.

“We made sure you can move in the day your house arrives. Simply unpack, plug, and live.”

Cube 2 has light fixtures and you also get to enjoy the skylight. There’s also some built-in storage for your belongings.

You get a smart washing machine, fridge, AC, and stove. The Al assistant, Canny, controls your appliances.

Do you like it? yes? Pre-order your Cube 2 for a base price of $52K. The price goes up as you add the other parts.

Nestron offers upgrades like a solar system. If you like it, you should pay an additional $7.5K. the electric heated floor costs about $9K.

The shipping is not included in the base price. It costs $8K. The total price usually goes as high as $70K.