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Vinegar Is The Secret To Soft Towels, Whiter Whites, And More Laundry Solutions

Is doing the laundry your least favorite household adventure? Well, we are on the same side. But, you can make things a lot easier by adding a simple ingredient.

Yes, we keep spending a lot of money on softeners and detergents. It’s time to stop using chemical-packed products and focus on other natural ingredients.

Have you ever considered using distilled white vinegar? It can do wonders for your laundry. It’s cheap, harmless, and does magic.

Distilled white vinegar can help you get rid of stains and bad odors, and your towels will be softer than ever.

Distilled white vinegar is super acidic and this feature makes it the best household product.

Here’s how to use it to do your laundry better:

  •  White vinegar neutralizes bad odors and kills bacteria. Add 2 cups of it to your washer that’s already filled with hot water. Add your towels, and run the machine. Add a cup of vinegar to the rinse cycle for clothes. If the odor is too strong and awful, soak your clothes or sheets in a cup of vinegar and some cold water. Soak them for 20 minutes and wash them as you usually do.
  •  Spray stubborn stains with white vinegar. Let the vinegar do the job for you and run the washer. If the stains are mild, you can soak the clothes in a solution of white vinegar and warm water. Use 1 cup of vinegar for every 2 cups of water. For extra stubborn stains, combine vinegar and baking soda, and scrub the stains with the paste-like mixture.
  •  Your white clothes will be whiter than usual. To get rid of underarm stains, soak your white clothes in a half-gallon of hot water. Add two cups of vinegar and leave them overnight. Wash them as usual.
  •  If you are trying to get rid of any unwanted dye stains, add a cup of vinegar to the wash cycle. Don’t forget the detergent.
  •  You need half a cup of vinegar for your rinse cycle to get rid of static and lint. This trick will also help you get rid of pet hair. Handy, right?
  •  Add half a cup of vinegar for your fabric softener dispenser. It will make your clothes soft. The same applies to the linens and towels.

Here are some extra tips for all the desperate housewives out there. An innocent joke never hurt anybody right?

But, the following tricks will surely help you level up your laundry game:

  •  Use distilled white vinegar if you are using it for your clothes. It has no tannins which will help you prevent stains. It costs less than other products.
  •  If apple cider vinegar is your only option, lower the amount and dilute it before each use. Do not apply undiluted vinegar on your clothes.
  •  Never ever combine vinegar and detergent. If you use detergent, add white vinegar to the rinse cycle.
  •  Concentrated vinegar stains delicate fabric.
  •  To brighten clothes, add vinegar to the bleach dispenser. To get rid of bad odors, add vinegar to the basin during the rinse cycle. You can also use it instead of detergent. To make your clothes soft, add white vinegar to the softener dispenser.
  •  White vinegar is really strong, so you better check if your washer is strong enough to handle it.
  •  Use vinegar sparingly. Using too much of it will clog your pipes and hoses. This will protect your home budget and you won’t have to buy a new washing machine.

White vinegar is an excellent product. Use it to keep your kitchen appliances clean or remove stains from your carpet and furniture.

A simple product can go a long way, and this is one of the many changes you are about to make. Live a healthy and happy life and stay away from chemicals.

Nature is your friend, so you better take care of it. do not poison it with your chemical-laden softener.