Who Is The ‘Dumbest’ Person In This Picture?

We got to spend a lot of time at home, and this gives us enough time to train our mind. Yes, we work out to keep our body fit, but we don’t really do anything to boost our mind.

Take a look at the following picture. It features four men, sitting on a tree. One of the men is sitting, and the other men are trying to cut the branches of the tree. Who is the dumbest man?

Look carefully. What do their faces say? Where do these men say? You can think of at least two solutions.

Person 1

This man is sitting away from the trunk, and he made a terrible choice. He doesn’t do anything and the other two men are trying to cut his branch. Take a look at his face.

He is calm and not even prepared for the upcoming danger. If you chose this person, you are well aware that the problem won’t be resolved on its own. You rely on logic and reasoning in your life.

Person 2

This man is doing his job and he doesn’t even think of the man who is trying to cut his branch. He symbolizes people who are ready to take a risk so they can succeed in life.

Some people don’t really think a lot about their decisions and just do thinks without any overthinking. They don’t see the bigger picture, and this may cost them a lot later in life.

Person 3

They will “survive” the tree situation. Of course, this person will hurt at least one person however, he still ignores the man behind him. In real situation, this man will end up behind bars.

People choose this person because they believe that he will have the worst outcome. They believe in justice.

This man is the worst of them all, and he can hurt two other men. “Bad karma” may give him back luck and a lot of unhappy events in his life.

If this is your choice, you support time-honored moral and civil institutions and traditions.

Person 4

This person will only hurt himself. He doesn’t put the lives of other men at risk. He will exit the situation leaving the least repercussions behind him. However, he didn’t pick the means.

According to many, this man represents rebellion and he will prove his point at any cost.

Will you change your opinion at this point?