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Woman Feels Sexier Than Ever After Deciding To Embrace Her Silver Hair

Aging is a natural process, but not everyone is happy with it. Spotting the first silver hair is the worst nightmare for many people. But, can you imagine turning gray overnight? That’s the story of Sara Eisenman.

Sara’s hair turned gray at a young age. She was a 21-year-old who was super healthy and full of joy. But, her hair turned gray. It had nothing to do with stress or a physical condition.

Sara had hard time accepting her new look. You don’t turn gray at 21. The only solution that popped in her mind was dying her hair. She was doing it all the time.

Sara even dyed her hair hours before giving birth to her gorgeous baby boy Abe. She wouldn’t let people see her silver hair. But, everything changed after she had her second baby.

Sara felt different about her silver hair. Fifteen years later, something cracked. She could no longer dye her hair. She didn’t want to. Sara was free again. Why would she be embarrassed by her natural looks?

Her husband, Hanan, was really supportive throughout the process. But, her friends weren’t. They didn’t like seeing their friend with silver hair. “She’d look like a witch,” they said.

Well, Sara proved everyone wrong. She ditched her hair dyes. Instead of spending a small fortune to cover her silver hair every two weeks, Sara used cheap dyes. But, this time she decided to save her money for something better.

Gray locks? There’s nothing better than that. Sara loved her hair and didn’t want to hide her natural beauty. The 44-year-old spend too many years trying to be something she isn’t.

There’s no such thing like “beauty rules.” Every woman is beautiful in her unique way. Hair dyes don’t change the way you perceive the world. It has nothing to do with one’s personality.

This self-confidence helped Sara pick new clothes for herself, and she used different makeup. Headbands and scarfs became her favorite accessory.

The right call

Losing your natural hair color may seem frustrating at the beginning, and Sara had hard time coping with her new looks. She was surrounded by fake friends who didn’t want her to be happy and criticized her hair. But, Sara did the most wonderful thing for herself.

Toxins? Not anymore. This time she felt more attractive than ever. Aging was only making her look even more beautiful.

It’s sad how many people won’t accept the fact that we all age. It’s an inevitable process, and your expensive creams won’t help you stop it. Chemicals can’t help you look young.

Sara’s condition didn’t have anything to do with aging, but she felt as if she became a grandma overnight. Luckily, she changed her mindset. It was the best decision she could ever make.