Zeus The Rescued Blind Owl Has Stunning Galaxies In His Eyes

There are so many exotic animals out there, but Zeus is the most precious bird you will ever see in your life. The gorgeous bird has the universe in his eyes.

The Western Screech owl is a rescue and, sadly, he is blind. But, his eyes are full of magic, and Zeus has been making headlines for quite some time. According to vets, Zeus has about 10% of his vision.

The poor bird is unable to survive in the wild and hunt for himself. He lives at the Wildlife Learning Center in California. Volunteers can’t release him back in the wild.

Owls need their vision to hunt and survive in the wild. Their eyes make 1-5 percent of their body weight. Zeus’ blindness put magic in his eyes.

Volunteers at the sanctuary brought him at the facility in 2012. Zeus was found injured on a front porch in South Carolina.

Today, Zeus lives in a trunk on the filing cabinet next to Paul Hahn’s desk, founder of the center. The gracious owl got his name after the Greek god of sky and thunder because of his wonderful eyes.

According to Hahn, Zeus “exudes a very peaceful presence and is very calm,” adding that the bird has a “very big personality and exhibits a bit of a curious nature.”


“In our combined 40-plus-years of working with wildlife, we’ve never seen anything quite like it. But he’s doing great! He still hangs out in the office with us every day and is otherwise completely healthy.”

The stars in Zeus’ eyes occurred as a result of fibrin/blood pigment clots. However, he actually has a capsular cataract. That’s how experts describe his condition.

“But he’s doing great! He still hangs out in the office with us every day and is otherwise completely healthy.”

Zeus enjoys his protein-rich meals, and everyone loves him.

“We have seen people just about taken to tears when meeting this most special little owl. It’s remarkable that Zeus’ disability brings so much awareness, sensitivity, and concern for not just screech owls, but all types of wildlife, as well as the environment we share. Zeus is truly an ambassador … he’s a joy. It’s not just a responsibility for us to care for him, but a privilege.”